Strategic Consulting + Sourcing Advisory


Using our deep industry knowledge and alignments, we will provide you with world class consultants who advises organisations on high-level decisions in an equitable fashion to yield the best performance results. We deliver fact-based advice on sourcing strategy development to determine the most appropriate sourcing options to help you align your business objectives and provide you with a range of alternatives such as shared services and IT out / in sourcing.

We can review your existing IT strategy or outsourcing or offshoring arrangement against established service level and industry leading practices, including the potential for strategic sourcing support technologies. To ensure value is being delivered, security and privacy compliance is being met and assessing the ongoing fit of the relationship. Providing leadership advice or assistance for the development, review of an IT (applications/hardware/connectivity/facilities/resources) global outsourcing strategy, selection of and negotiation with suppliers.


Strategic Consulting +
Sourcing Advisory